Knitting: A Year End Review

2013 is only my third full year of knitting, which is amazing to me.  It feels like something I have been doing for absolutely ages.  The fun part is that with only 3 years under my belt there is still lots to learn!

For the first time this year I decided to do a little review of all the things I’ve knitted in the past 12 months.  Here is what I came up with:

  • I finished 43 knitting projects in 2013, including 3 pairs of socks7 scarves/cowls, 5 pairs of mittens/gloves (with or without fingers) and 4 items for charity.
  • I did not knit a single sweater…although I have a re-knit of one in progress
  • Over half my projects used less than 150 yards of yarn
  • My largest project took 1083 yards
  • My smallest project took 3 yards (it was a coaster)
  • I knit the most in November
  • I knit the least in August

I also reviewed my stash numbers, which I have been keeping track of due to my coldsheeping efforts.

  • My stash was at its largest in August, at 19,194 yards
  • It was at its smallest in April, at 16,644 yards
  • I knit on average 887 yards per month, but purchased 854 yards per month
  • I bought or was given yarn in all but three months: April, June and September
  • At my current rate of knitting, I own 1.63 years worth of yarn
  • This is 17,344 yards

I’m a little discouraged that even though I was trying not to buy yarn, I still managed to only break even stash-wise.  My stash clearly grows by leaps rather than steadily, since I managed not to bring any yarn in for a quarter of the year.  It also grows the fastest when I knit the least, which seems rather obvious! Clearly I need to stay away from yarn stores in the summer.

I’m also going to aim for bigger projects in the new year.  Most of my stash is in small lots, but if I can use some of it up then I plan to buy sweater quantities and spend longer knitting those.  My collection of accessories has just about hit the saturation point, but I haven’t hit my limit on socks yet.

My most used knitted projects from this year are probably the cuffs that I made to use up some leftover hat yarn, and my Shroom hat.

2013-07-14 09.32.022013-02-09 16.51.31

Both projects used absolutely gorgeous bulky yarn (Misti Alpaca Handpaint Chunky for the cuffs and Spud and Chloe Outer for the hat).  Now that I think about it these may not be my most used all year, but they are definitely the most used in winter!  Unfortunately I do not have a better picture of the hat.  The yarn for the cuffs is not standing up that well to wear (it is starting to pill/shed), but since I only made them to use up some leftover yarn it doesn’t bother me too much.

My absolute favourite project of the year was my Memphis shawl, which I wrote about in one of my first posts, on blocking lace.  I finished it just as the weather got cold so I haven’t had a really good opportunity to wear it yet.  I’m on the lookout though…I absolutely love showing it off.  The lace itself wasn’t that complicated, although I did have to rip back a considerable amount at one point due to some miscounting on my part.  Somehow though, the combination of the shiny gold yarn and the large-motif lace pattern make it impressive even to non-knitters.

2013-11-13 09.15.11


I really must get some better “action shots” in 2014.

I think I’m going to make this type of review a yearly thing; I really like seeing how much I produce in a year and what types of projects I’m drawn to.  I’d also like to set some goals for 2014, but I am still in the brainstorming stage.  Overdoing it on New Year’s resolutions is a recipe for disaster, so I’m trying to rein it in and focus more on building long-term habits.

Do you do any kind of year-end review, knitting or otherwise?

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