FO Parade!

To prove to you that I do indeed knit more than just Christmas decorations (although you wouldn’t know it to look at my archives) I present you with the projects I have finished in the last few weeks.

2013-12-14 20.34.25


First, my Hasselnusse, a tiny cowl with shiny buttons.  I bought the yarn for this last the summer during the TTC Knitalong in Toronto.  It is a fundraiser for a local shelter; you sign up and get put into a group, then go all over Toronto to four different yarn stores, all via public transit.  It was a blast, but it did put a serious dent in my yarn budget.  Still, the weather was gorgeous, the people were tons of fun, and the yarn was scrumptious.  I bought this yarn on purpose to make this cowl; I still have a whole skein left so I suppose I could make another.  The hazelnut pattern doesn’t show up as much as I’d like but the construction was interesting and the buttons (from my button box, all inherited from my Grandma) seem to suit it well.  It’s a fun little thing to wear around the house when it is a bit chilly.

2013-12-21 14.46.00

Also finished are my latest vanilla socks, a toe-up pattern I cobbled together.  It has a spiral toe (like what you would use for a top-down hat) and a short-row heel.  This pair doesn’t fit as well as the last pair I knti, I think they are a teensy bit short in the foot.  I was also trying out a shorter ribbing section and I don’t like it as much.  I did drop it down to 60 stitches (instead of 64) and that seems to be better.  I’m thinking I might need to decrease a little around the ankle next time…apparently I have very slender ankles!

2013-12-26 16.16.39


The third and final finished object is my long-suffering Linen Stitch scarf.  I made it from three scrunchy skeins of Koigu I picked up at last spring’s DKC Frolic (last spring/summer was great for yarn, not so good for coldsheeping).  The pattern calls for scraps of Koigu in a three different colourways, but I didn’t read it that closely and picked up three skeins of the same colourway.  The colours pooled as a result, making it nearly impossible to photograph.  All my photos look blurry, but it is just some weird optical illusion caused by the stitch pattern and colour shifting.  In person it really is lovely and not at all blurry.  The fabric softened up quite a bit when I blocked it, which is a relief because the linen stitch can make a stiff fabric.  One thing that bugs me is that I made such an effort to keep the fringe (which is formed as you knit) the same length, but it ended up much shorter at one end than the other.  Luckily it is still long enough to look like a normal scarf and not some weird stunted thing.  This project has been going since June so I am glad to have it done.

That is the end of my FO parade.  I’ve already posted about the knitted gifts and the Christmas decorations that I finished this month in previous posts.  I’ve since cast-on some new projects (of course), one of which has already run out of yarn before the end of the pattern.  Naturally.

Tomorrow: a review of my year in knitting (and coldsheeping) with some goals for 2014


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