Happy Boxing Day!

I don’t enjoy shopping, especially not in big crowds, so my Boxing Day is all about cleaning up after the wild abandon of Christmas.  A little times spent tidying, stowing away the presents and generally getting life back in order does me a world of good.  Its a nice, quiet day with my family.

We had an absolutely lovely Christmas this year.  I drove down from Ottawa (picking up my sister along the way) a week ago.  We spent the days before Christmas wrapping presents (sometimes with the recipients in the next room!), baking seven different kinds of cookies, and in my case actually finishing a present the day before Christmas Eve!

We did get hit by the ice storm that affected most of southern Ontario, Quebec and the nearby portions of the US, but our power only blipped a few times.  Others weren’t so lucky: right now there are still 54000 people without power in Toronto alone.  Five days without power in a Canadian winter no fun.  The good thing is that the power outages were soon contained enough that many people without power were able to travel to nearby community centres or friends houses in order to stay warm and safe.

2013-12-22 15.35.10

2013-12-22 15.35.04

It was a lot of ice.

Since none of us “kids” want to wake up all that early Christmas morning these days, we open our presents on Christmas Eve.  Our Christmas started with an amazing fondue dinner first, followed by a few hours leisurely opening presents and then finishing up with our traditional non-Christmas movie.  It is never the same movie; this year we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was a good mix of comedy and serious subject matter.  Christmas Day we spent in London visiting my Dad’s family, which was another great day of food, family and fun (also gifts, of course).

I’ve finished a fair few projects over the last couple of weeks, so I’ll be sharing pictures of those as well as the knitted gifts I made in the next few posts.

Hope you all had a safe, merry and warm Christmas!

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