Crunch Time

Ok, its crunch time here in the seventh circle of hell that is writing a paper on tight deadline (we’re not at the ninth circle of hell yet, give it time).  Everything else falls to the wayside, even eating apparently.  Note to self: delaying dinner until 8pm and then scarfing a Tim Hortons muffin and bagel is NOT the way to go.  My stomach was not happy with me for HOURS afterward.

All this to say that I’m not planning on posting tomorrow (breaking my every weekday rule already, but that’s how it goes), and today all you get is this little rant and a picture of my now-decorated Christmas tree.  Festive!

My last paper is due Sunday at midnight, so I’ll be back on Monday in full-on Christmas break mode.  Bring on the nog!

2013-12-12 09.20.05

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