Yarn Along

2013-12-11 09.45.42

The next item on my WIP-list that I dug out of my closet was this little Christmas Monster, Steve (designed by Rebecca Danger).  His co-monsters Holly and Ivy were two of my first knitting projects, back in Christmas of 2010, but I never got around to finishing Steve because the stripes were driving me crazy!  When I dug him out last week I realized that all he needed were two legs (you can see I’ve knit the first already and just need to Kitchener the second closed) and a bit of finishing, so I am powering through.  These monsters are super cute, and I will be glad to have the set complete.

I am reading The Knitter’s Life List, a compendium of all the great techniques and knitting icons you should encounter on your knitting journey.  It is a lot of information but it is well laid out and I’m getting a lot of inspiration from these pages.  It also has some beautiful pictures and many of the technique sections are good enough to keep this around simply as a reference.  The checklists of “things to try” at the beginning of each section might appeal to those (like me) who love to complete everything on a list.

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