Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

This post is inspired by a section of the Doubleknit podcast, by the ever-interesting Erin and Jessica.  If you like knitting podcasts, you’ll like these two.

Week 2 of the never-ending-paper-writing has begun, so I’ll be sticking to fairly simple blog formats like this one:

Thumbs Up: I am finished the Christmas knitting!! Yay!!

Thumbs Down:  I am not finished the Christmas knitting finishing.  Say that three times fast.  I’ve got a little end weaving, sewing up, blocking and lining to do (not all on one project), but it is all eminently doable in the 16 (!) days left.

Thumbs Up: More snow!  Ottawa today had a nice little mini snowstorm that covered up all the icky brown slush that always develops on the roads.  All the houses look like they are covered in icing.  I didn’t have to drive in it, so I love it.

Thumbs Down: Right before it snowed, all the water on the ground from the last few days of thaw froze right up, meaning there was a nice slick layer of ice underneath the snow on my walk to campus this morning.  Which I discovered right before I landed on my butt.  Still love the snow, but could do without the ice.

Thumbs Up: Inspired by the mini-slog over on Ravelry that I’ve mentioned before (and motivated by procrastination for my papers), I found and listed all my other non-school “works-in-progress” to try and get a few finished in time for the New Year.

Thumbs Down: I have 21 WIPs.  That is a lot.  And most of them are still WIPs for a reason.

Thumbs Down: I did not meet my word count yesterday.

Thumbs Up: I exceeded meet my word count on Saturday and today so with a little extra work this evening and tomorrow I will be back on track.

Thumbs WAY Up: In exactly one week all my papers will be handed in (whether I like it or not) and I will have nearly three completely free weeks to spend with family and friends.  I have so many knitting projects planned!


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