I am bored with my knitting.  It is perfectly lovely knitting; the yarns are soft, there is plenty of variety of projects, and the patterns are all behaving.  And I’m not the kind of knitter who needs to be constantly challenged by her knitting; I am happiest when everything is chugging along smoothly.  Yet I am still SO BORED.  All I want to do is cast on about 17 new projects, one after another.

Why not cast on all 17?  After all, there are no knitting police.  No one will judge me for having 50 WIPs, although I would run of needles before I got to that point.  The real problem is that I know myself, and I know that about a week after I cast on all-the-things, they would start to stress me out.  Every time I picked up a project to work on it, I would feel guilty for not working on all of the other ones!  It is completely illogical, but I know from experience I do better with just a few projects on the go.

So we are back to the initial problem.  If I know that I like to only have a few WIPs, why do I suddenly feel like casting on many many more?  Two reasons.  First, all my current knitting projects are in a sort of mid-point slog phase, so they aren’t as challenging as starting a project or as exciting as finishing one.  Turns out I miss that excitement.  Second, starting knitting projects is my procrastination of choice, and there is nothing like having a paper due to bring on the procrastination!

I’m resisting the Startitus (that’s casting on All The Things for you non-knitters) for know, mostly because I really don’t have time to get sidetracked by an exciting new project.  Instead, I’m making lots of lists so I know exactly what to start on the minute I hand those papers in!

Speaking of papers, I’d better get back to that.  Someone take my feed reader and email inbox (with the link to the new Knitty!) and Facebook away from me until I’m done, will you?

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