Coldsheeping Update

We have entered crunch time, my friends.  Between now and December 15th I have a presentation to do, two papers to write and two finals to mark.  This, sadly, will mean much abbreviated blog posts, although I have not given up on my posting-every-weekday rule.  After all, blogging is an excellent form of procrastination!

Before I get back to my grindstone, I thought I would post a little update on my coldsheepingefforts.  Now, my stash hasn’t changed much since I last posted about it, but I did do an official update of the numbers a couple of days ago so I could post my monthly Stash Update to the Ravelry Coldsheeping board.  My new number is:  17, 398 yards.

This is only 400 fewer yards than I started coldsheeping with last December…so this year has pretty much been a draw.  Or at least it will be if I can knit down the equivalent of the 800 yards I just got as a gift (which I loved) before the end of the year.

I’m not sure what this means for my coldsheeping efforts.  I emphatically do want a smaller stash, but I seem unable to decrease it. Mind you, the last few months were much better than the first half of this year, so maybe I will do better next year.  Is it Resolution time yet?

Since this is such a text-heavy post, I’ll leave you with a little picture of the my stash as it stood after I came back from my backpacking trip the summer before last.  It is the only picture I have of my stash “as a whole”, and it was taken in December 2012 (which explains the Santa Claus puzzle in the background).  Make of it what you will!


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