A Weekend Without Knitting

For the first time in a long time, I have gone more than a day without knitting.

A little explanation: I spent the weekend visiting my family in Burlington.  Things are a little (!) busy here in grad school land at the moment, so I could only go for the standard Saturday-Sunday weekend (not my usual “extended” weekend).  I decided to take the train (so much easier to type when you don’t have to watch the road), which meant that I left Ottawa around 3pm on Friday and got back at about 8pm on Sunday night.  In all it was roughly 14 hours of travel in less than 3 days.  Totally worth it, but it did require some fortitude.  And light packing.

On a side note, can I say that whoever decided to CLOSE the GO trains (the Lakeshore West line, anyway) on a weekend when the Buffalo Bills were playing in Toronto might be a few yards short of a skein?  The traffic downtown was terrible hours before the game started.  Luckily my sister and I were able to drive over an hour to Oshawa and catch our train from there because there was no way short of teleportation to get to Union Station in time for our train (thanks Mom!).

The weekend “at home” was exactly the kind of emotional recharge that I needed, but it had a bit of whirlwind quality to it.  That, combined with my desire to be as present as possible meant that although I brought three projects with me (total overkill even if I had all weekend to knit), I didn’t pick up the needles until I got back Sunday night.  It’s too bad really, since train time is usually prime knitting time.  This weekend, it was prime marking-assignments time (also prime fighting-with-Via-Rail’s-Wi-Fi-for-hours time, but I’m not bitter).

I’m convinced that knitting makes me more patient.  When travelling, I pack so that even if I were delayed for a week I still wouldn’t run out.  Knitting makes waiting of all kinds easier and gives me an excuse to watch hours of TV (mostly) guilt free.  Even so, it turns out that given the right circumstances I will abandon my knitting entirely, without even realizing it.  I’m not sure what to make of that.

Now that I’m home, balance has been restored, somewhat.  I’m still as busy as ever, but I’ve picked up an project that hasn’t seen the light of day in awhile, so at least I’ll have something to show you on Wednesday!

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