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Knitting: A Year End Review

2013 is only my third full year of knitting, which is amazing to me.  It feels like something I have been doing for absolutely ages.  The fun part is that with only 3 years under my belt there is still … Continue reading

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FO Parade!

To prove to you that I do indeed knit more than just Christmas decorations (although you wouldn’t know it to look at my archives) I present you with the projects I have finished in the last few weeks.   First, … Continue reading

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Knitted Gifts

There is something so wonderful about giving someone a knitted gift, especially when it is well received.  That said, I certainly wouldn’t want to put in all that time, effort and anxiety (will they like it?) into a project for … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

I don’t enjoy shopping, especially not in big crowds, so my Boxing Day is all about cleaning up after the wild abandon of Christmas.  A little times spent tidying, stowing away the presents and generally getting life back in order … Continue reading

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The Week That Got Away

Well, my goal to post every weekday certainly fell apart in the last week.  It turns out that without my usual routine that has me stuck in front of a computer for most of the day, I forget all about … Continue reading

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Well, today got away from me a little bit there.  I submitted my final paper of the term last night and spent today enjoying our FREEDOM with some of the other grad students in my program.  Tomorrow I try to … Continue reading

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I Just Had To…

Taking a little break from studying, so I thought I’d post these pictures I took this morning of a frozen Mooney’s Bay: It’s so cold out my face started aching as soon as I left the house, but I still … Continue reading

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