The New Twist Collective is Out!

Happy Friday everybody!  Winter has finally arrived in Ottawa with a nice 20cm of snow the other evening, and I am loving the light of a bright, (cold) clear winter day.  It helps to balance out those dark evenings.

At the same time as the snow arrived to give the city it’s frosting, the new Twist Collective issue landed in my mailbox.  For the non-knitters out there (or any in-the-dark knitters), Twist Collective is an online knitting magazine.  It is chock full of patterns that you can buy individually or as a collection, with a few articles thrown in for good measure.   The photos are always stunning.

I only got two pages into the magazine before I found a pattern I am already dying to cast-on.  Since I don’t have any appropriate yarn in my stash I may have to hold off for awhile, but it’s at the top of my queue for sure!  Say hello to Cypri:

The best part about this pattern is that it is knit with one colour at a time.  Isn’t that fantastic?  It’s some sort of slipped stitch pattern, where the grey stitches are slipped on the purple rows to maintain the colour.  I love the way the grey twisted stitches look against the stripes.

All of the patterns in the magazine are beautiful, so go check it out if you are interested in seeing the full spread.  It is completely free to leaf through the patterns and check out the articles, you only pay when you actually want to knit one of the patterns.  I’ve knit at least one of their patterns in the past and it was very well written and charted.

There is one more pattern I want to show you, just because I think it is neat.  I probably won’t ever knit it, but the nerd-girl in me certainly appreciates it.  This is Torque:

It is a scarf made entirely of knitted gears!!  Isn’t that awesome?  I can’t wait to see the projects on Ravelry.

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget knitters….only 26 days until Christmas!

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