Winter is Here

It is a national past-time in Canada to complain about the weather.  We have a lot of weather to complain about, especially in southern Ontario: hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.  This means that the same people complaining about the cold in February will be upset about the heat just a few months later.

To be fair, complaining about the weather is fun.  It is the great equalizer; everyone can agree that the temperature is just not quite right.  But underneath all the complaining I think most Canadians enjoy our varied seasons.  Otherwise, they would probably move!

Me, I love the different seasons and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  I’m not particularly fond of the cold (especially in March after months of it) but I LOVE snow and all the wonderous things that come with it.  I especially love when the first snow ends the sad reality that is cold autumn rain.  Snow is much friendlier than rain, and if I have to deal with the cold then snow is the reward.  I know not everyone shares my appreciation for the white fluff, which is why when I looked out my window this morning and saw this:

2013-11-23 13.50.46


I knew that I was probably the only one in the city (over the age of 12, anyway) who was happy about it.

Snow to me means Christmastime, skating on the Rideau Canal (I can’t wait!), snowboarding and snowball fights.  It means walking in the woods with that hushed feeling that only comes with gently falling snow.  It means parties by candlelight, beautiful decorations, and neighbourhoods lit by twinkling lights.  Best of all, it is an opportunity to wear all the knitted things I churn out year round.

Every time I look out my window and see snow, it makes me happy.  Especially since I live in an apartment and don’t have to shovel any of it anymore!

So welcome to winter everyone.  I know some of you out there are wishing for spring already, but I’m going to enjoy this season.  At least until February, then I’ll be over it.

PS We may have only gotten a dusting here in Ottawa, but over in London Ontario they got 55-70cm in about a day.  Even that is a bit much for my tastes.  I hope everyone there is staying safe and warm.

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