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A late post today, my lovelies….I had class this morning and then a mostly self-induced personal drama that managed to eat up most of the afternoon.  No matter, my resolve to post weekday-ly holds true and so I am giving you this (sadly shortened) post to round out the very first week of this blog.

Unfortunately there is nothing much new in my knitting life at the moment, I am in the middle of various projects but can’t show many of them on the blog because they are Christmas presents.  However, I did accomplish one thing a couple of days ago, entirely unrelated to knitting, that I thought someone out there might find interesting.

When I moved into this apartment 3 months ago, my moving crew (aka my parents and sister) made a Herculean effort to get all my stuff unpacked and all my pictures up on the walls.  A couple of things never made it up however, and this week rather than work on the papers I have coming due I decided it was the perfect time to get to work on them.  One of those things was a rather clever trick for hanging some of my collection of postcards in my kitchen:

2013-11-18 18.16.16

(My kitchen gets almost no natural light, so please excuse the photo quality)

That, my friends, is a wire Ikea curtain rod precariously fastened to my wall.  It is precarious because the walls are made of some cement board stuff instead of proper drywall, and the special screws my Dad gave me are barely holding on.  I’m pretty sure that if I pull too hard on the wire when I go to change the postcards the whole thing will come tumbling down, gouging two dime-sized holes in my walls at the same time.  Its a good thing I like those postcards, and the little bit of cross-stitch that’s up there.

Still, if you have better home-renovation skills than I do and a desire to display a large collection of postcards or similar, this is a great way to do it.  I used this curtain rod and bought a bunch of tiny wooden clothespins on eBay to hold the postcards without squishing them.  Please note that if you do what I did and make the curtain rod do those 90 degree turns at either end you will have to cut the wire longer than it says in the little Ikea instruction booklet.  Disaster was averted in my case, but it was a close call.

Happy decorating!

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