Hello World

The classic first program that every beginner programmer makes prints out the phrase “Hello World” to the screen.  It is a surprisingly powerful feeling, just getting one of these mystery boxes we use every day to display a simple phrase of our choosing.  That is what gets most of us computer geeks hooked: the power, the sense of accomplishment.

It is a good sentiment for an inaugural blog post though, don’t you think?  Hello great big world of the internet, Jess is here and she has something to say. Hopefully something that someone out there that I have never met will find interesting.  Or at least a decent way to pass a few minutes while on the bus, I’m not that picky really.

My goal in this space is to write every weekday, no matter how much or how little, to get some good solid writing practice under my belt.  And also to share all the little tidbits of info I’m always pestering my family with.  Usually these are knitting related, which is not something they are all that interested in!  So to the blog I go.

Today’s interesting tidbit: I am knitting socks out of this Regia yarn.

2013-11-10 10.05.40

See how the yarn is all shades of blue but there is also some distinct stripes of purple, pretty well spread throughout?  I have knit the whole toe of the first sock, and a little bit of the foot and this is what I have:

2013-11-10 10.05.25

Where the heck is the purple?!?! I am continually perplexed by variegated sock yarn.  It is a total crap-shoot, the end result entirely unfathomable.  These are the things I think about when avoiding the 36 assignments I have to mark by the end of the day (almost done!).

This is what you can expect from this blog: a little bit of tech-geekery, a little bit of knitting (also pretty geeky), and lots of whatever else happens to be top of my mind at the time.  If you are interested, come back tomorrow.  If not, well, I’ll still be here.  Writing and knitting.  One stitch, one step, one day at a time.

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