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The New Twist Collective is Out!

Happy Friday everybody!  Winter has finally arrived in Ottawa with a nice 20cm of snow the other evening, and I am loving the light of a bright, (cold) clear winter day.  It helps to balance out those dark evenings. At … Continue reading

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My knitting time has been sadly lacking lately as I spend more and more time on campus trying to get through all the end-of-term marking and papers that are coming my way.  I usually get most of my knitting done … Continue reading

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Yarn Along

I’m still working on the plain socks that showed up in my very first post.  They are a basic stockinette sock worked on 60 stitches, with a spiral toe that I got from the Netherfield pattern and a standard short … Continue reading

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Its going to be a short post today…those 3-hour classes really eat into my day.  Plus the cumulative effects of a couple weeks of Olympic-level procrastination are starting to show up.  So, its back to the grindstone for me. Instead … Continue reading

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Winter is Here

It is a national past-time in Canada to complain about the weather.  We have a lot of weather to complain about, especially in southern Ontario: hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.  This means that the same people complaining about … Continue reading

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Home Decor

A late post today, my lovelies….I had class this morning and then a mostly self-induced personal drama that managed to eat up most of the afternoon.  No matter, my resolve to post weekday-ly holds true and so I am giving … Continue reading

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Can I just say that I love when new words get invented?  Especially words that are only used by particular groups, within particular contexts.  I find the idea that language can be so flexible and individual people so inventive incredibly … Continue reading

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